Roof Ceiling Invoice Template

Construction and house building is a great business in the modern world. No doubt about the fact that in the present day it is not easy to build a house, neither financially and not technically due to the number of available choices in design and finish; well because people get confused about which one to decide. Anyways, in the construction, building and house maintenance business one of the most important parts is the roofing job. Roofing is all about setting up the frame for the base of roof of a house or any building, finishing the roof construction based on the frame and or repairing of the roofs due to damage and wearing out with the passage of the time.

Roofing is an extensive business which deals with the new roof laying and also the maintenance and repairing. Both of the services in this profession have their own way of being carried out and similarly the cost, labor and materials also vary depending upon the type of the work being done. This is also related to the difference in the invoices which are attached to the roofing business; since different type of service will have a different invoice written.

Roofing invoices are a bit different from the other business invoices, but overall structure of the roofing invoice matches to the other business invoices. The difference is in the details included in a roofing invoice. These invoices start with the same scenario, i.e. with the construction or roofing services company at the top left corner which is accompanied by the address of the offices of the company. It depends upon the writer of the invoice to choose where to put up the contact details, whether below the address or across the page opposite to the name and other details mentioned prior. The date is also included in this invoice, since it is really important in the market because of the fact that the prices and taxes etc. can change over time without any prior notification by the governments. After the basic information of the service providers, comes the detail about the customer and their facility which needs to be served. This includes the name and address of the customers’ house or building where roofing is to be done. Contact number and size of the building etc. are also included in this portion, for easy reference of the company’s working people.

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Roof Ceiling Invoice Template

After this section there is a table which have description of services portion on the left where the services required by the customer are mentioned with brief detail; like framing of roof, construction of the roof, furnishing or finishing of the roof, insulation and water proofing etc. Details of the material choice are also to be included whether they want to have a wooden, metallic or any other type of roof being laid. The prices of the services individually are mentioned across each item mentioned in this table. Charges of labor, materials required and their charges etc. are mentioned as a separate part in this invoice.

The end of the document is done with the signatures of both the customer and the company’s representative dealing the customer; both with the dates.

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