Restaurant Dining Invoice Template

The restaurant business is one of the oldest in the world. For decades, eating out has been a favourite escape from life’s problems for many people in the world. It is this demand that has given rise to different eating establishments across the world, which range from fast food outlets, fine dining and international cuisine. The industry’s size also gives employment opportunities to many in a time when employment opportunities are few and far between.

A restaurant’s direct relationship with its customers means that it is a retail business. Like all retail businesses, the restaurant deals directly with its customers when it comes to money. Different establishments have different rates for their services; fast food outlets and local eateries are usually cheaper and more affordable to the common man. On the other hand, restaurants that take pride in their cuisine variety, quality of food and service, aesthetics and reputation usually charge appropriately for these things. As a result, the clientele of a restaurant depends largely on the rates and charges.

It is, therefore, customary and necessary for a restaurant to present its customers with some sort of bill or invoice for them to know what they are paying for and how much. The restaurant invoice is known by many names; in England, it is known as the bill, while in America and other parts of the world, it is known as the check. Even though customers can calculate how much they have to pay by adding up the prices quoted in the menu, there are some extra charges like Value Added Taxes (VAT) and service charges that they may not know about. Additionally, not only does a restaurant invoice inform the customer about the charges, it also helps them calculate how much to tip the waiter, which, according to the trend, is fifteen percent of the bill.

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Restaurant Dining Invoice Template

The invoice may follow any desired format, but some important details are common in almost all kinds of restaurant invoices. The header, usually placed on the top centre of the page, consists of the restaurant logo, address, and in some cases, relevant contact numbers. Following the header, the table number and the waiter’s name are printed. Although these details may not be included, they can be used for future reference. For example, if the customer takes a particular liking to a specific waiter, they can ask for the waiter by name the next time they visit the restaurant. Some invoices also include the number of guests serviced on a particular table, but this detail may be omitted without any loss of functionality. The details of the order are placed next, along with the quantity ordered of a particular item on the menu. The charges for each order are printed adjacent to the corresponding item, and are summed up and printed below. In countries where taxes apply, they are calculated separately and added to the total, and then the grand total is printed at the end of the bill.

The restaurant invoice is something that most establishments cannot do without. It is a cheap and reliable way of recording the transaction between the customer and the restaurant, and should be implemented in all kinds of restaurants as a way of telling the customer how much he or she should pay, in addition to keeping a record of income that could be helpful in managing the finances of the business.

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