Plumbing Invoice Template

By | January 21, 2019

Plumbing is a well-known occupation to people all over the world. This occupation and the people involved in this area are considered of extreme importance to the domestic and commercial workplaces everywhere. Plumbing deals with the installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of problems related to watering, hosing and piping all around your setup whether at home or anywhere else. Plumbing ranges from small house pipeline matters to large industrial gigantic plumbing solutions. Plumbers or other companies, which deal with the plumbing, have developed a great business over the period of time, and this has become an extremely important factor in the daily lives of people.

An invoice is a piece of document, which covers the details of charges for any sort of services. Almost every type of business happens to have an invoice for every service they provide for their customers. Plumbing businesses also have invoices, which have their own specific characteristics. These invoices vary depending upon the nature of work and size of the service being availed. Plumbing invoices are generally requested by the customers who seek services of a plumber or plumbing company for installing new supply and sewerage system or plan to have maintenance of an already installed supply or sewerage.

Plumbing invoices are important for the customers since they can have a general idea of what they need to have in their premises and how much will it cost them. Generally the customers from various vendors to get an idea of the market prices acquire a number of invoices and hence customers have a variety of options to choose from. This makes the business between both parties a little smooth and gives them a chance to explore their options. Invoices are also a source of record for future reference in case they need to have plumbing again and can compare the differences.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Plumbing Invoice Template created using MS Excel,

Plumbing Invoice Template

Here is preview of this Plumbing Invoice Template,

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A plumbing invoice is a point-to-point type of document. Starting with the company, shop or business name of the plumber or plumbing company, the invoice can have a little contact detail like address and contact number of the company. Followed by this most of the invoices are written in a preprinted table form page. On the left side column, the details of objects or services required by the customer are mentioned; and on the right column are the prices for these objects or services respectively. In some invoices there are a few extra columns like a rate column, which mentions the cost of items per unit. Another column is also included in some invoices where the amount of products required is mentioned for easy calculations.

Mentioning date is really important, since the prices in the market can change and hence the customer can be dealt easily. Some invoices happen to have a watermark included in the background just for the sake of design and companies’ publicity and does not have to do anything with the structure of a plumbing invoice. The invoice is stamped or signed by someone responsible such as a manager at the place.