Notary Invoice Template

By | January 18, 2019

A notary is an appointed public office who is responsible to play the role of a witness while people sign important documents, including contracts, applications, affidavits, etc. Notaries are responsible to oversee oaths, check the identification of involved parties and verify the signature of the persons in their presence. Notaries are responsible to supervise some legal matters only, they cannot give legal advice without becoming licensed attorneys. If you want to become a notary signing agent, you should fulfill all requirements of your state and submit an application to get permission to start your notary services.

Need of Notary Invoice

Notaries provide services to people and get paid for their services. Proper documentation of received money is important for your business, and your customers will also demand a well written notary invoice to detail all incurred expenses and your fee. Notary invoice is an important document as it enables both notary and clients to understand the entire charges. You can include details of your own fees and other expenses incurred during notary signing.

Here is preview of this Free Sample Notary Invoice Template created using MS Excel,

Notary Invoice Template

Tips to Design a Notary Invoice

Notary invoice should be written carefully according to the standard format, and following are some easy to follow guidelines that will help you to design a perfect notary invoice according to your needs:

  • In the first step, you have to select a competitive fee for your services, but it will be good to consider the charges received by other agents in your area. Do not forget to consider the restrictions of your state about the payment of notary services.
  • You can receive as much as your state allows you to receive from your clients against your services. If any additional charges are occurred to buy mandatory items or anything else, you have to clarify it in the notary invoice for the convenience of your customers.
  • Fees for additional services has no relation to the notarial act, therefore it is important to explain all additional charges to your clients and the easiest way to clarify all expenses is notary invoice.
  • You can design your own invoice to create a bill for your client. Your invoice should contain your business details, name of your client, details of the services you provide, details of additional charges and total cost of your services.
  • Provide valid contact details on the invoice for the convenience of your client. After presenting your invoice to clients, make him to sign the invoice to show that he agrees with the charges and will pay within the time limit.
  • Notary invoice is important to track the record of your notary fee and monthly as well as annual income. It will help you to accurately report your total notary income to the IRS.

Common Errors in the Notary Invoice

  • Do not overcharge your clients above than the restrictions of your own state, as it may lead you to face some legal circumstances.
  • Cross check the contents of your notary invoice before finalizing the bill and take the consent of customers to avoid major disputes.
  • Keep a record of all invoices, because this record is important to keep reporting your income to the IRS.

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