Canadian Invoice Template

If you want to ship your items to other countries like Canada, you have to design a commercial Canadian invoice according to the rules and regulations of Canada. Without proper documentation, you cannot ship your products in the other countries. You should have complete export documents to avoid any trouble, and it is important to check Canadian shipping regulations, including import taxes, shipment charges and tax rates for the goods manufactured in your country. If you want to design a perfect Canadian invoice, you have to check the shipping regulations of Canada.

Canadian Shipping Regulations for Invoice

In order to include every important point on your invoice, it is important to know about Canadian shipping regulations and following are some important regulations for your help:

Preferential Duty Treatment

Canada gives preferential duty treatments to those items that are manufactured in the United States, Mexico or Puerto Rico. The good required certificate of origin to get exception on the import tax on these items those are from non-NAFTA countries.

Health Certificates for Medicine

If you are going to shop drugs or medicine, you have to attach a health certificate with the medicines in the form of an invoice listing the drug identification number, generic and scientific names of the drugs. Do not forget to include all ingredients included in the drug, and the name as well as address of manufacturer. It is important to attach a genuine need for the recipient to get the drug.

Tax Regulations on Gifts

If the gift is less than $60 Canadian currency, then no tax will be applied on the export. If you are shipping gifts, clearly write the word “Items as Gift” on the custom paperwork. The name and address of the gift giver is also required to write on the receipt.

Customs Paperwork

Two copies of commercial invoices are important for the all shipments to Canada. The invoices should include contact information of both shipper and the name of the Shipment Company, description of items, value of items and the NAFTA statement.

Contents for Commercial Invoice

The commercial invoice has great importance because without it, you cannot successfully complete an official transaction. It is a vital document to record the important points of a transaction between an exporter and an importer. Usually, it is available to the on duty custom officials to accurately clear your duties and taxes. You have to design your invoice accurately according to the requirements of Canadian shipping rules and regulations.

Usually three copies of invoice are required for FedEx International Ground shipments to Canada. The requirements of commercial invoice may vary according to the number of parties involved in the shipping. If you have selected FedEx International Broker, do not forget to include important details, including contact address and designation of the broker.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Canadian Invoice Template created using MS Word,

Canadian Invoice Template

Common Mistakes in the Canadian Invoice

  • If you are shipping goods to Canada, it is important to consider the regulations of both countries involved in the shipping. It may help you to get some tax exemptions just because of the trade relations of the both countries.
  • Do not include any clause, rule or policy in the invoice without consulting the actual format and regulations of Canadian invoice to avoid potential troubles.

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