Daycare Invoice Template

A daycare business is a small home-based business to earn some money against your services. Usually, parents prefer to select home daycare centers to provide comfort and security for their kids. The daycare service providers are responsible to take good care of their kids in their absence. Although, it is a profitable business, but the service providers often ignore the transactions and payments of their services. A formal way is important to collect your payments from your clients to avoid any dispute on the money for services rendered. If you want to avoid any dispute, you have to formally bill all children and for this purpose, it will be good to design a standard daycare invoice.

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Daycare Invoice Template

Tips to Write a Perfect Daycare Invoice

A perfect daycare invoice will help you to avoid any potential conflicts and fights between you and parents. Following are some useful guidelines that can help you in the designing of a perfect daycare invoice:

  • In the first step, you have to brainstorm your services that you are offering at your daycare center, including meals, outdoor activities, crafting, medical facilities and any other service. It will help you to estimate your total cost and profit margin.
  • Assign per day dollar amount for the each service, for instance, hot lunch may cost $7 per day. Consider your own expenditures, material used and total cost spent on the services.
  • It is important to clarify in advance either you are responsible for the statutory holidays or not. What will be the payment procedures for the statutory holidays and additional payment for sick days. It will save you from any kind of argument with parents.
  • It is important to clarify either your offered package include lunch and snacks, or the parents have to pay separately for them. Charge a reasonable price to make your customers happy and to invoice maximum customers to your business.
  • Give hourly rates for your services and add the payment of additional hours separately to clarify everything. You have to decide in advance, either you want to bill daily, weekly or monthly. You can give different options to your customers so that they can pay you according to their convenience.
  • Design a daycare invoice with the name of your business at the top of the invoice in bold font followed by address and contact numbers. It is important to designate special space to write serial numbers of your business invoices.
  • Write the name of your customer, name of student, and total amount due with complete details. The body of the invoice will contain a table to provide details of your service with charges per hour.
  • Explain the billing process at the end of the daycare invoice for the convenience of payment and to collect your bills quickly.

Common Mistakes in Daycare Invoice

  • Usually, people ignore the importance of payment terms, it is their biggest mistake. You have to write your payment terms, business terms and other important conditions at the bottom or the back side of your invoice.
  • Do not forget to consult the billing policies of your own state to avoid any trouble in near future.
  • Do not overcharge your services, because your competitors are ready to grab your clients by offering lower rates.

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