Vehicle Towing Invoice Template

Engineering breakthroughs have led to construction of better roads over a different variety of landscapes. As a result, the use of land vehicles such as cars, trucks and vans has increased many times over the past century. Motorways and super highways have been built and are under heavy use not only in developed and prosperous… Read More »

Plumbing Invoice Template

Plumbing is a well-known occupation to people all over the world. This occupation and the people involved in this area are considered of extreme importance to the domestic and commercial workplaces everywhere. Plumbing deals with the installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of problems related to watering, hosing and piping all around your setup whether at home… Read More »

Freight Invoice Template (MS Word)

A freight invoice also categorized as commercial invoice is designed for international transaction, such as for the overseas shipping of goods. Freight invoices are required for the export and import of goods. If you are doing international business to ship goods from one country to another, it is important to have all export documents, including… Read More »

Notary Invoice Template

A notary is an appointed public office who is responsible to play the role of a witness while people sign important documents, including contracts, applications, affidavits, etc. Notaries are responsible to oversee oaths, check the identification of involved parties and verify the signature of the persons in their presence. Notaries are responsible to supervise some… Read More »

Pest Control Invoice Template

Pest controller has great demand, because the termites, ants, mice and snakes love staying in the residential house, and in order to remove every insect and dangerous pest from your house, pest control spray is important. If you want to work hard with dedication to get rid of all creepy crawlies, you can start your… Read More »

Goods Export Invoice Template

The export process is not as easy as one can consider it, because lots of documents are required to prepare specifically for the United States. The commercial invoice is the most important document related to the export transaction and this invoice is often known as goods export invoice. The invoice usually details  name of both… Read More »

Daycare Invoice Template

A daycare business is a small home-based business to earn some money against your services. Usually, parents prefer to select home daycare centers to provide comfort and security for their kids. The daycare service providers are responsible to take good care of their kids in their absence. Although, it is a profitable business, but the… Read More »

Attorney Invoice Template

An invoice is a document that shows the money that a client owes to a company. Whether a client pays all the charges in advance or he wants to do business on credit, companies are bound to send him an invoice that includes the details of the services he was provided with and the amount… Read More »

Advertising Agency Invoice Template

There is couple of definitions of invoice but the simplest one describes that an invoice is a formal document sent by a business or company to the buyer or customer to remind him about the payment he owes to the company. Most of the times, businesses are done on credit which means the buyer or… Read More »

Computer Sales Invoice Template

It does not matter either you are working as a small contractor, or own a small business company to provide special services, you have to design an invoice to provide to your customers after rendering services as a proof of payment. Sale and purchase business is incomplete without a well-designed invoice, and your invoice should… Read More »