Web Design Service Invoice Template

By | April 11, 2019

When an individual or a company wants to design a new website for their business or personal purpose, they hire a web designer. This web designer meets with the client, understand the needs and requirements of the project and then work on the project. Sometimes the clients contact a design agency who then, refers a web designer to the client where on the other hand, most of the time, companies and individuals hire freelancer web designers. Once these web designers complete their work and deliver the final project to the client, they send a document to the client known as the web design services invoice. This invoice includes the details of the services provided by the web designer to the client along with the charges for those services and the details of payment i.e. due date and method of payment.

Importance and purpose of Web Design Service Invoice:

When a web designer either as a freelancer or as a web design agency sends the services invoice to the client, they acknowledge that they have provided the required services to the client and the project is completed from their end. Once the client receives the invoice, he finds out the payment he owes to the web designer along with the due date in which he is asked to make the payment. In this scenario, if the client refuses to make the payment, the web designer or the web design agency can file a case against him in order to receive their payment by presenting the services invoice as proof.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Web Design Service Invoice Template created using MS Word,

Web Design Service Invoice Template

Essential elements to include in the Web Design Service Invoice:

  • Name of the freelancer who provided the web design services to the client
  • Name of the client who received the web design services
  • Date on which the client placed the order for the design contract
  • Reference number to the original contract
  • Reference number of the invoice
  • Date on which the freelancer is sending the invoice to the client
  • Details of the web design services provided to the client
  • Charges for the services provided by the freelancer
  • Due date for the payment of the charges
  • Method of payment
  • Signature of the freelancer or web designer with full name

Tips for creating a Web Design Service Invoice:

  • Your name/company name with contact details:
    If you work as freelancer, mention your name at the top of the invoice or if you work in a web design agency, include the name of the company with trademark at the top of the invoice.
  • Details of the client:
    Below that, mention the name of the client who hired you along with the name of the web designer who provided services to the client (only applicable in case of web design agency)
  • Services provided to the client:
    Here you will mention the services you provided to the client i.e. web designing, content writing, web development, scripting, maintenance, troubleshooting etc. Make sure to mention each service separately with description.
  • Charges for each service:
    Next to each service, clearly mention how much you will charge the client and sum up the charges at the bottom in form of total amount owed by the client to you or your company.
  • Payment details:
    This is the last section of the invoice and here you will include the due date for the payment and method payment i.e. cash, check or online bank transfer. After that, close the invoice with your signature, full name and date.

Here is download link for this Web Design Service Invoice Template,

Download Web Design Service Invoice Template