Vehicle Sales Invoice Template

A general vehicle sales invoice specifies the name of the manufacturer and the details of the model, whether it is an invoice for the sale purchase of a vehicle or the replacement of vehicle parts, because charges and price rates may vary from one manufacturer to another. Model of the vehicle or part replaced is also mentioned in the invoice with the charges that apply and any warranty for the purchase made should also be mentioned in the invoice for the aid of customer. If the invoice covers the charges for the part replacement of a vehicle then it should clearly mention all parts separately with the manufacturer, model and cost written separately. Vehicle invoice should also have a signature of the authorized person dealing with the customer to avoid any misunderstanding or any kind of fraud.

You can find every kind of invoice template on the internet which saves you a great deal of making your own. Some of those invoices are also edited according to the requirement and saves you a great time and difficulty. Furthermore if you can always make you own invoice using a Microsoft office tools. But in most cases the templates that can be found on the internet serves the purpose.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Vehicle Sales Invoice Template created using MS Word,

Vehicle Sales Invoice Template

Here is download link for this Vehicle Sales Invoice Template,

Download Vehicle Sales Invoice Template

Auto-workshops provide people with a wide range of services for repairing of vehicles, replacement of different parts of the vehicle, cleaning, painting, washing etc. Some of the Auto-workshops even deal in the selling buying and reselling of the vehicles. Due to this wide range of services provided it becomes very tiresome to keep a record of all the payments without documenting it down somewhere. Vehicle invoice is a very cheap and thoughtful way handling all the cash flows. Almost all the auto-workshops issue these invoice to their customer and also keep a copy with them for further use. Vehicle invoice can have several different categories depending on the type of service provided, for example the invoice for a sale/purchase of a vehicle will be different from the invoice for normal part replacement invoice however a general vehicle invoice is almost the same.

We also have another invoice template for Auto Repair works, here is its preview:

Auto Repair Invoice Template


Download Auto Repair Workshop Invoice Template