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Travelling has always been man’s utmost desires and among the hobbies since stone ages. With the passage of time from then, people started to travel for the purposes of business which was in the form of barter those days. The means of travelling were very small in the earlier days unlike we have in the present age. People used to walk long distances, and then using animals like horses and camels and then boats and ships were invented over time. The advancement lead to the invention of trains and other vehicles and people started travelling more often. The world as we know it today has a number of advanced travelling options starting from motorbikes to giant freight carriers floating the seas.

Need of travelling, from one place to another either on land or overseas led to a great business which involves the lives of millions of people. This business got pace with the increase in globalization of everything from business to relations and tourism to international events. Travelling business is done both over the internet and directly dealing of companies with the customers in the form of franchises and offices. Bookings and sales of tickets are also done both ways. Travel companies and agencies also offer packages for other companies whose people need to travel more often for business purposes.

A travel invoice is a document which has all the details about the travelling of a passenger from one place to the other through any means of transportation.  A travelling agency issues such invoices for their customers to present all the details of their travel, ticket, any stays and other facilities like meals etc. for their information of billing and charges. Travel invoices are issued prior to travelling dates if the booking is made in advance by the customers.

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Travel Invoice Template

A travelling invoice is generally written on a printed company themed paper bearing the logo plus company name and details on it. All the contact numbers included fax numbers are mentioned on the travelling invoices. The main body of the invoice has details such as date of booking, a registration or booking number or ID for reference purposes. The name of travel agent representing the company or agency is mentioned so as to deal with the customer in future making interaction easy both for the customer and the company. The dates of travel are mentioned i.e. departure; if the mode of booking includes a return travel then date of return is also mentioned here.

Then complete details of the customer are mentioned. If the company does not have their own transport which happens in case of air travel and sea travel, where travelling agencies and travel agents do not own an airplane or ship; the name of the provided transport like an airline etc. is mentioned for the information of customer. If the facility is including both to and from travelling, the details of both transport options will be included.

Any other options like during travel stays and time duration of travel are also mentioned in the travel invoices. The charges for the travel are mentioned across each ticketing/booking (if there are multiple tickets or bookings made by a customer). In case of booking, the cancellation and refunding policy must be mentioned on the invoice to avoid any confusions among the company and the passengers.

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