Product & Service Invoice Templates

An invoice is the indication of the bill that a firm or individual provided in shape of services or products to the client or customer. It represents the sale transactions and payment terms are settled independently between client and service provider. It’s up to client that whether he wants to pay in advance or after the delivery of product or service. It included references and due date of the billing. The success of a business firm also depends on its billing system that efficiently deals with his customers with proper invoices along with right information on time. It is thought to be ideal if your order numbers and contract information flow without any obstacle into your invoice system. Dealing with your customer and discuss terms before work starts is the best idea. The amount of bill sometimes also depends on the duration of the bill paid. There are different types of invoices and couple of them is discussed as under. The service invoice and product invoice are merely different from each other but both are useful and generally used in market dealings.

Free Service Invoice Templates

Service invoice is generally used by the contractors and firms that provide different kind of services to their clients. Categories of service invoices are as explained, in service invoice details are entered quickly. Service order numbers added promptly and in sequence with accordance to contract management, rationalize the sales situations, include details in invoice that are necessary, service invoice make sure that customary price is quoted on invoice, get its record also have previous billing records in system, clarify about the add-on charges, items that are added on client’s choice are mentioned separately, and most importantly it also provide the exact count of sales tax a[plied and other miscellaneous commissions of your bill. With the usage of service invoices you will get surety that your billing process will be accurate, efficient and prompt. Here are free Invoice Templates available for you to download,

Free Product Sales Invoice Templates

The product invoice is used for as many items as a dealer can offer, it included columns that are capable of showing the quantity a customer ordered as well as its description or quality type, it also explains the invoice date along with the date bill expected to be due. Seller’s name, number and address mentioned and contractor’s signature at the end as well as the invoice receiver’s to ensure that invoice received by the buyer. The quantity according to product number is added separately, with unit pricing and then the total amount is given with calculated amount that include sales tax on it. The product codes also mentioned for the customer’s inquiry, if client need to check the price of the purchased product from the market by himself. It gives a transparency to your invoice and enhances reliability of your client. Terms and conditions are also mentioned at the bottom of the invoice, just for reminding the customer about the pre-decided conditions of payment. Here are free Invoice Templates available for you to download,