Photography Invoice Template

Since the invention of the first camera, mankind has been obsessed with still photography. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, a concept backed by thousands of expressive photography portfolios found throughout the world. It is an art, which requires talent, technique, and an eye for detail. Recent advances in technology have led to a vast expansion of this field, and more and more people are becoming inclined towards choosing photography as a line of profession.

Within photography, there are many lines that are being followed with commercial as well as recreational interests. Commercially, wedding photographers are perhaps the most common. People want to capture their most loved memories of their big day forever, and this has created a demand which the ever increasing industry is happy to satisfy. Freelance photographers also work to capture news worthy moments which they sell to newspapers and tabloids. It is common to see hordes of photographers at sporting events, political rallies, and even war zones (though the latter requires experience and a sense of adventure). Some photographers choose to restrict their work to nature and animals, and provide their work to nature journals, television channels and other mediums. No matter which line of photography is chosen, the field has grown so much that it is no longer thought of as a part time hobby. Photography has evolved into a full time profession.

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Photography Invoice Template

Because of the field’s commercial success, freelance photographers and photography companies have begun to rake in substantial finances. When a customer hires the services of a photographer, an invoice is the best form of document that records the transaction. Using an invoice as a recording document is necessary in several ways. If there is no transaction record, there may be misunderstandings and confusions about the charges and the services provided by the company or the photographer. This may damage the goodwill and relationship between the customer and the service provider. Also, the invoice can be used as a legal document in cases like fraud or felony. Hence, it is an important practice.

A photography invoice usually contains the name of the company or the freelance photographer along with their logo. The invoice should contain the name of the customer and their contact number, along with the postal address and contact information of the company. It is good practice to list the charges in a table or list. This makes for easy reading and gives the document a professional look. Photographers usually charge differently for different photo sizes, photo shoot sessions or event coverage. These categories should be stated clearly, along with the categories ordered by the customer and the charges associated with the customer’s choices. The total charges should then be tallied and the sum amount should be stated beneath the table, and then taxes (if any) should be applied separately to this amount to give the net amount that the customer owes. The invoice should contain the official seal of the company or freelancer to avoid forgery.

With the rapid growth of the field of photography, there has been an increase in commercial involvement of photographers. The use of invoices is commonplace and is very important. Invoices are efficient transaction records, and should never be compromised on.

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