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Truly said by someone that colors fill life in even non-living things surrounding us in this world of miraculous and lively phenomena happening all the time we spend. Imagining a life without colors, full of only black or white is even more destructive than any of the grave tortures one can be given in his or her lifetime. God Almighty has filled this world with beauty through the language of colors and humans have adopted them as well for achieving visual pleasure and peace of mind from their surroundings. No doubt that a colorless life is a joyless life.

Painting is one such art where the artist deals with the lines and sketches over different media as paper, canvas or something of the kind. Apart from just giving shape to a new creation from imagination the more important job is to fill the picture or painting with appealing colors. This is the real art of an artist, where he or she chooses the colors according to taste that best describes an idea which they wanted to transform from imagination to reality. Painting was merely a hobby and considered waste of time for several centuries by illiterate and hardcore extremists; but not it has earned the respect as not only a proper occupation but has a significant position in the arts category.

Paintings made by the artists are now sold and hence become source of income and gives rise to a business. These sales are not restricted to any geographical area now instead this business has achieved stance of global business due to inventions like internet and social media. Now artists are approached from across the world and get demands for their work to be displayed not only in homes but in offices, governmental departments, exhibitions and many other places.

Painting business includes invoices as well like all the other businesses. A painting invoice is comprised of brief details which are mentioned. The starting is usually with the name of an arts company or may be the artist if he or she does business on his or her own. This is followed by the address and contact details including an e-mail address since the business is international these days. Opposite to these, on the top the date is mentioned on which the invoice is being written. These invoices are usually made on computer software since they are sent online, however they are also printed from time to time.

The next part of this invoice comprises of details about the art work i.e. painting in our case. These details include the dimensions of the painting like length and width etc. Here the type of painting is also mentioned in detail like the type of color used and the medium on which the painting will be painted. The cost of the work is also included in this section across each painting (if there is more than one painting). If the painting is to be sent across border, overseas then shipment details like charges, time and other terms and conditions are also included in the painting invoice.

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Painting Invoice Template

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