Modern Invoice Templates

As a small company owner, you deliver cutting-edge products and services to your customers. For that, you need some modern invoice templates that not only accurately display your brand but also do not take a significant amount of your time. Why not use one of our modern, completely customizable contemporary invoice templates in Word formats to help you manage your business? Instead of being confined at your desk working on invoicing, show your customers that you are the newest and greatest.

The advanced and modern invoice templates instill confidence and trust in the products or goods you provide to your customers. However, make sure your invoices reflect your skill and cutting-edge knowledge related to the company.

Here in this post, you can download our 20 Free Modern Invoice Templates in MS Word format to help you prepare your own Invoices quickly and effectively.

Therefore, here are good quality Modern Invoice Templates created using MS Word. These are really great for users to quickly create professional sales invoices for the customers and agents. Just download them from the button below to every template and start using it without too much effort to be spent on professional layout and look & feel.

20 Free Modern Invoice Templates

We introduced our new unique and comprehensive collection of Modern Invoices that are perfectly drafted in MS Word. You can download these 20 Free Modern Invoice Templates in MS Word format to help you prepare your own Invoices quickly and effectively.

Modern Invoice Template 01

Try out our Invoice Template below to help to prepare your business invoice. In orange and white combination of text, it allows you to add invoice details of the goods. At the bottom, you can put your company details with contact info.

Modern Invoice Template 02

Here is an amazing Invoice Template that features a modern look in the red theme. Using this one, you can prepare it for your own in MS Word files. This template contains all the required factors for a large-scale business invoice.

modern invoice template 001

Modern Invoice Template 03

Here is a Modern invoice template that is made in a perfect manner in MS word format. It is a new age template that enhances the look of professional invoices and also reduces the chance of human error to an extent.

modern invoice template 002

Modern Invoice Template 04

Our perfectly-made Invoice Templates are designed in MS word so there is no need for special expensive software to prepare these types of invoices. We provide you with a great range of invoices templates that you can easily download and customize on your own as you need in a better way.

modern invoice template 003


Modern Invoice Template 05

This template is designed in a very simple manner. As we made columns in this modern invoice so you can add descriptions as your own needs. We made it in a very easy and attractive manner.

modern invoice template 005


Modern Invoice Template 06

Check out an exclusive example of the Modern Invoice Template below. It is available in MS Word document along with all the necessary sections that you need. You can customize its format as per your requirements and then make your own business invoice.

modern invoice template 006

Modern Invoice Template 07

Here is an excellent layout of the modern invoice template below. The structure of this invoice displays a professional design. Further, it contains all the important elements that cover details about the company, customer, and the things that your customer purchased.

modern invoice template 007

Modern Invoice Template 08

If want to make your business invoice professional, then the below sample will be a good option for you. Our modern invoice template in green combination helps you prepare your own invoice. For more, it will cover necessary information like shipping, customer, items info, billing details, and more. You can download it in a Word document to customize its layout as per your needs.

modern invoice template 008

Modern Invoice Template 09

Download our great example of Modern Invoice Template below in MS Word format. Having this one, you’ll save you much time creating a new one. It allows complete customization and adjusting invoice details in a clear manner. Therefore, click on the download button below to this sample and get it for free.

modern invoice template 009

Modern Invoice Template 10

Check out another good-looking invoice template in modern design. It features a clean structure and is a good option for your small business invoice. All the details for a professional invoice are aligned in a proper manner. However, click on the download button to get this one free of charge.

modern invoice template 010

Modern Invoice Template 11

Here is a preview of a Free Sample (Web Design Service Invoice Template) created using MS Word. It has a modern display and covers all the necessary information. Further, you can easily customize this invoice and then make your online invoice sheet.

Modern Invoice Template


Modern Invoice Template 12

Another very useful Modern Invoice Design that can easily help you prepare your very own Invoice Template easily. Before making it your own, you have to add your company info and your TOCs.

Modern Invoice Template


Modern Invoice Template 13

Check out the following Modern Invoice Template to help you to prepare your very own Invoice quickly and effectively. This document is prepared using MS Word so that anyone can easily edit it as per his/her own requirements.

Modern Invoice Template


Modern Invoice Template 14

You are one step away from downloading this modern invoice template for free. All the important factors are provided on a single piece of Word document. To get this option, click on the download button below.

Modern Invoice Template


Modern Invoice Template 15

Here is a simple but modern-styled Invoice Template that is available for free download. Using it in MS Word format, you can add your company’s logo, contact info, and TOCs to prepare it for your own. Further, you can also change its color according to your brand theme.

Modern Invoice Template




Modern Invoice Template 17

Another simple layout of the invoice template is available below. You can easily prepare it for your business after downloading it for free from the button provided down.


Modern Invoice Template







Modern Invoice Template 20

Get this another marvelous design of Invoice Template. We prepared it in a Microsoft Word document and insert a table to add item details including description, quantity, price per item, tax, and total amount. However, you can also download it free of charge with a simple click on the button below.

Modern Invoice Template