Medical Invoice Template

Medical invoice is a formal document that is designed after providing medical services, or after purchasing some medical goods. It is an important document that is used o identified important charges related to the medical products and services. A comprehensive medical invoice proves as a comprehensive document to provide complete data, including account number and residential address of patient, contact numbers and the name of insurance company. Current medical billing statement may also include a special spot to include the credit card number of the patient in the invoice.

Function of Medical Invoice

Medical invoice itemizes everything, including the charges of services, equipment used, and important items purchased for the treatment. The invoice should contain the details of all items, including the charges in the dollar amount and total quantity of goods purchased. The medical invoice serves as an alert about the amount payable to a medical institution.

Preparation of Medical Invoice

In the past, the handwritten medical invoices were used to bill patients, but now different software is available to design medical invoice. If you cannot afford the expenses of software, you can’t afford software for the preparation of medical invoice, use medical invoice template to maintain your billing record. Medical invoice is an easy process to bill your clients and you can easily maintain your financial records.

Contents of Medical Invoice

  • Your medical invoice should contain accurate details, including name and address of the health care provider, date of the statement at the top of the page and invoice number as well as account number of patient.
  • The invoice should list the address to receive the payment from guarantor, account number of patient and mode of payment. It is important to list the mode of payment on the invoice, either the credit cards are acceptable, and what is the process to pay through credit cards.
  • The CPT code and descriptions are important to write on the invoice and carefully note the date on which the treatment was given and itemized the charges for the treatment. CPT code and universal numbers are given by the care provider to identify the medical procedures. Write your invoice in a regular language so that the reader can understand everything.
  • Message section is an important section, and you have to insert a statement that should explain your services and the status of your account. The invoice should provide alert to patients that the current statement is sent for the payment due.
  • Do not forget to include a section in the medical invoice to add the contact information of your office. Write telephone numbers and addresses of regular mail and email. The medical invoice should detail everything to explain the details of charges, such as fee of emergency room staff, charges for X-rays and other laboratory tests.
  • A section should be included on the medical invoice to facilitate patient to include personal and billing information. Let the patient to include his/her address, telephone number and health insurance details.
  • Conclude the invoice by including the “Total Amounts Due” and details of tax as well as insurance deductions.

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Medical Invoice Template

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