Hotel Invoice Template (Room Rental)

As human beings, we need to move from one place to another. The reason can be vacations, business, and some emergency or urgent work or may be some other reasons. When a person moves to a new place, he/she needs some place to stay. If the moving is permanent, then the person has to find a home or some apartment, but if the person is moving temporarily, he/she needs to stay at some place for a few days. In such circumstances, people usually try to find some relative or friend to stay with, but if that is not possible, people seek the help of hotels and restaurants.

By definition, a hotel is a place which provides temporary accommodation to a customer on paid basis. The provided facilities differ from hotel to hotel. Some hotels provide only a bed, a cupboard and a bathroom while others may provide modern facilities in which the rooms may contain televisions, refrigerators and air conditioners and other such electronic appliances. These modern hotels also provide room service for cleaning purposes and food is also provided when ordered.

People mostly need to keep a record of their bills and expenses, and need some kind of bill or document as a proof of their expenses and the items they bought. Such a form of bill is known as an invoice.

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Hotel Invoice Template

An invoice is such a document which is given by the service provider to the customer and it contains a list of all the items bought, their quantities and their prices so that the buyer can keep a record of his expenses. Invoices are of different types. One type of invoice contains the items and prices of those items when the buyer has already paid for them. Another one is the invoice which gives the price of the items to be paid by the buyer before some due date. Another type of invoice is the one for which the buyer requests the seller so that the buyer could have an idea of how much he would be spending or would need to spend if he has to buy those items from that seller.

One type of invoice is the hotel invoice. This type of invoice is provided to the customer by the hotel management and it contains a list of all the services provided and the amount of money of each service by the hotel to the customer. This invoice is usually printed on a piece of paper and is a document with the hotel’s name written on top. Then there is a space where the name of the customer is written. After this, the invoice contains columns in which there are lists of all the items and their prices like food, beverages, room rent, room bearer funds, etc. for the time span in which the customer stayed at the hotel. The hotel invoice ends with spaces for signatures of both the hotel manager and the customer.

Thus, the hotel invoice contains a list of services provided by the hotel to the customers along with the quantity and prices of these services, which help the customers, keep a record of his expenditures.

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