Freelance Writer Invoice Template

Online jobs are very common in the modern e-world where people are earning hundreds to thousands of dollars while sitting at their homes on their computer devices. This is the most advanced form of e-commerce, which has facilitated the entire world and has enabled people to access international markets of their respective fields without any difficulties of travelling and wasting time on other formalities. The online jobs these days include official working jobs which are numerous in their type, online shopping i.e. buying and selling of goods, ads dealing and much more. One of the most common types of this job category is the freelance writing which has spread its fame almost every corner of the world and everyone with good knowledge of writing can now earn while sitting in their bedroom.

Freelance writing is such type of writing articles, blogs, web based content writing and literature writing where people are not hired by some company and do not need to visit any office or face the boss thing; instead they opt for their desired job and finish it in given time and get paid with a little charges deducted by the website they are working with.

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Freelance Writer Invoice Template

A freelance writing invoice is an online document in soft form created to cover up the details of working for a specific job and the payment for the freelancing writer. These invoices are created in order to get payment for a job all at once or for number of working hours (depends upon the type of the job a freelance writer has opted for). These invoices are also a proofing document of the work history and payment confirmation so that neither the writer nor the employer can do any type of fraud during their working period.

An online freelance writer invoice includes a brief introduction of the writer where the name and online contact details of the writer are mentioned before doing into other details. Since the working is all done on an online portal or some website that assists in hiring, there could be an identification code associated with every freelance writer which is also mentioned for reference on the invoice. The date is mentioned along with the time. It is important to note that unlike other invoices freelance writing invoices include timing details as well, since most of the jobs are charged in hours and even minutes sometimes.

After these basic details, the particulars of work or job are mentioned in detail. These details include the type of working job such as the topic of the article or writing, type as in blog or literature etc. and length required by the employer. The payment rate varies depending upon the type of work a freelance writer adopts for example whether to work on hourly basis or fixed job basis; and hence the employer pays the writer according to the agreed payment type from the earlier mentioned options. The invoice may also include account details of the writer if they have the option to get the payment transferred through bank or any other financial payment options available for access all over the world.

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