Creative Invoice Templates

An invoice having a marvelous design helps distinctly call attention to the amount received to you. It helps knock your customers to make evoke payments. On the other hand, invoices are the other ways to communicate the professionalism of your business brand. In this post, we will offer you some free creative invoice templates for helping out to create your own. You will also get ideas on how these invoices can be designed.

How to Prepare an Invoice?

Don’t worry, you don’t need to become an expert for creating an invoice. By following the steps below, you can easily prepare your own Invoice.

  • Select a template as per your needs: You can start preparing your business invoice by selecting a free template that covers all your desires. Choose a beneficial one from the below samples.
  • Add your details: After choosing one, firstly you have added your details. For example, your name, company name, contact details, etc.
  • Add customer details: After putting your details in place, you have to add your client’s information. For instance, client name, email address, phone number, company name, etc.
  • List down the items or services: Make a list of all the goods for which you are billing the customer including price per item, quantity, and total amount. To avoid any confusion in the client’s head, your list should be as clear as possible.
  • Payment Details: In this section, add payment info for how would you like your customers to pay you? For example, bank transfer, or another method. However, make these details clear in your invoice.
  • Add Company Branding: In the end, finalize your invoice by adding your company’s brand details and TOCs.

14 Free Creative Invoice Templates in MS Word and Excel

Here are our top creative Microsoft Word invoice templates that have professional design options. You can download these 14 Free Creative Invoice Templates in MS Word format to help you prepare your own Invoices quickly and effectively.

Creative Invoice Template 01

Should you need to send a creative invoice design to your customer, here is a professional yet creative Invoice Template that can assist you in this very task. This invoice template is created using MS Word and hence can easily be opened in any later version of it as well.

Invoice Template Creative Design

Here is the download link for this Invoice Template.

Creative Invoice Template 02

If you are looking for another invoice layout, then I strongly recommend you to have a look at this free invoice template which is created using MS Word and Excel. Similarly, you can explore more free word templates on this site as well.

creative invoice template 01

Here is the Download Button to download this template.

Creative Invoice Template 03

Here is a newly designed invoice template with one side bright border and the central column with description, quality, and price. It is specially created in MS Word that helps to free up your time so that you can focus on your creative work. It makes your work fast and easier as there are awesome creative templates that you can easily download from this site.

creative invoice template 02

So, here is the download button to download this template.

Creative Invoice Template 04

Here’s one best way that professionals need to create an invoice template is to use EXCEL or WORD or other resources. We provide you with already prepared designs of invoice template that saves your time. The above well-designed template with proper columns and details helps you to manage your work.

creative invoice template 03

Grab this one for free from the below button.

Creative Invoice Template 05

Use this wonderful Invoice Template to print professional invoices for your customers. It is another way to oblige your customers for the loyalty they show for you or your company.

creative invoice template 04

Simply click on the below download button and get it for free.

Creative Invoice Template 06

This business Invoice Template has a nice professional design with a black and white color theme. Its layout contains spaces for adding important information. Plus, you can add your company’s TOCs and authorized signature at the bottom.

creative invoice template 05

Click on the download button here to get it for free.

Creative Invoice Template 07

This Creative Invoice Template has a good option for small businesses which need to bill their customers. Further, it will also be helpful in tracking payment details. You can download it with fully customizing features in MS Word format.

creative invoice template 06

Download this creative invoice template 07 from here.

Creative Invoice Template 08

Check out this minimal invoice template with creative design in MS Word. Everything in this template can easily be customized as the user’s needs. However, it will be another good option for your small business invoice.

creative invoice template 07

You can download it from the below button.

Creative Invoice Template 09

This template of Creative Invoice comes with a colorful layout. It is available in Word documents to easily create for your clients. The details are aligned in a very organized format and can be adjusted to meet your needs.

creative invoice template 08

Simply click on this download button to grab the creative invoice template 09.

Creative Invoice Template 10

This creative invoice template makes your general business operations so interesting. Perfect for small business owners and can be customized in Word files to fit any business.

creative invoice template 09

By clicking down here, you can get this creative invoice template for free.

Creative Invoice Template 11

Here we have another black and white version of the Invoice Template for free. To meet your all invoice details, you can choose this one.

creative invoice template 10

Please hit a click on the below download button to get this one for free.

Creative Invoice Template 12

Here is a preview of a Free Sample Free Creative Invoice Template created using MS Excel format. It will automatically do the calculation of the amount for each item.

creative Invoice

You can download Free Free Creative Invoice Template 12 from the button below.


Creative Invoice Template 13

If you’re looking for an invoice that covers all the important information about the company, clients, and services, yes you can choose the following creative design.

creative Invoice

Download link for this Creative Invoice Template 13 in MS Word Format.


Creative Invoice Template 14

Check out the following grey Invoice Template to help you to prepare your very own Invoice quickly and effectively. This document is prepared using MS Excel so that anyone can easily edit it as per his/her own requirements.

Creative Invoice Template

Here is the download link for this Creative Invoice Template 14.