Computer Service Invoice Template

The modern world is a world of technology and science. Computers are used extensively in every field of life; you name it and computers are there. Talk about medical, engineering, business, space, manufacturing, high end designing, shops, educational institutions and every place you can imagine has computers involved. Today everyone from students to businessmen and housewives to high tech field working engineers, everyone has their personal computer or a portable computer in the form of tablet or laptop computer. Since computers are vastly used in daily life all around us and being man made machines; they tend to wear out or encounter technical problems from time to time either due to usage over time and or may be due to wrong handling or improper operators’ fault and hence need to be serviced or repaired time and over again.

With the advent of computers and their domination in all fields of life and also due to undeniable fact of their machine nature and tending to break down from time to time has given rise to the occupation of servicing or repairing the computers. This business deals with the regular service which might include software or hardware service of computers and also repairing of computers which might be needed due to any unplanned and sudden problem occurrence. Computers if serviced in time tend to show lesser problems both regarding software and hardware.

Computer service business is dealt like all the other businesses carried out in the market and invoices play an important role in computer service market as well. In case the customers are bigger companies or institutions which need to get a large number of computers served; invoices play an important role. In this business the customer sends a request for invoice specifying all the needs related to hardware and or software services required. The service company then considers the request letter and prepares a cost estimation invoice for the customer so that the business deal can be made.

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Computer Service Invoice Template

A computer service invoice is usually created on a printed pad of a service company. In case of online or over email sending, the invoices are typed on a designed page in any software for a company. The company name and the details like contact numbers, fax numbers, office address, email address etc. are mentioned. After this, the customer information to whom the invoice is written is mentioned in full. This can include company or individual name followed by the contact and other details. The invoice is dated.

The main body then mentions are the required services by the customer. Each service is charged accordingly. If there are any software programs or hardware components that need to be bought by the customer, then they are mentioned as separate items in the invoice and charged accordingly. Usually the companies offer discounts for larger number of computer units served, so these might be mentioned separately in the invoice.

Companies usually do not take any guarantee while servicing the computers so these terms and conditions should be included in the invoice prior to making any deal so that any complexities and issues between customer and company can be avoided.

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