Cleaning Invoice Template

With the increase in constructions and emerging of large businesses on the face of the earth, the maintenance business has got a good pace in terms of maintaining these structures. Repairing and performing several other jobs related to building covers up the maintenance business category. The pollution has also increased at a large pace with the passage of time, new inventions and plantation of new industry. This pollution not only affects the life around the pollutant including human, animals and plants, in fact it does also affect the beauty of the structures. For example it is a common problem in the urban areas that the building glass gets fuzzy due to smoke and dust from time to time.

This major problem of pollution is also a source of income for another business known by the name of cleaning or more commonly as industrial cleaning. The companies involved in industrial cleaning provide cleaning services for other users whether in domestic or some other industry. These cleaning services mostly include time to time cleaning of floors, glass windows and other such locations at customers’ building. The cleaning services include a number of factors like labor, cleaning material etc. which are not the scope of our discussion.

Cleaning business works on the same footsteps as do all the other businesses. Invoice an important document in business amongst the customer and the service provider is also a dire need of the cleaning business as well; so these invoices find their place in this business as well. A cleaning invoice starts away with the service provider or company name. It can have a phrase of motto of the company which gives a more professional look to the invoice. On the opposite corner of the name, the contact details and office address etc. are mentioned with contact numbers included in this part.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Cleaning Invoice Template created using MS Word,

Cleaning Invoice Template

Following the starting, comes the basic information about the invoice which includes the date, time of invoice print and a customer number or invoice number for easy reference and record purposes in the future. It is important to note that the customer information is a necessary portion of the cleaning invoices where the customer or company name for domestic and industrial purposes is included respectively. This information also includes all the contact information and any booking dates if the customers want to get served at a later time and want to make a reservation.

Cleaning invoices’ major portion is based on the service details and charges for the services provided. This portion includes a list of briefly described services which are being availed by the customer. With respect to these services, the service provider i.e. cleaner then makes a complete invoice which includes relevant details. These might include the labor or service charges, transport charges of any equipment to be used and cost of any cleaning materials and chemicals etc. The charges for each of these items and other possible options are also mentioned against each one. The invoice then concludes with a stamp or verification signatures by an authorized personnel at the business.

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